AFSC youth win People’s Choice Award!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the work of the “If I Had A Trillion Dollars” youth film festival and for voting for our video entry, “Dear Congress, Invest in Us” in the [email protected] contest. WE WON THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD!

[email protected] judge Byron Hurt had this to say about our entry: “With so many stereotypes of Millennials as the ‘me generation,’ it’s refreshing to see young people involved and engaged in improving our democracy at the local level. I look forward to the positive results of their participation in our democratic process.”

We are also really happy to report that 2012 IHTD alum, Justin Johnson of Free Spirit Media in Chicago, won the Best Emerging Artist Award for his video, “News Bias”. We are so proud of Justin and all of the youth who contributed to the making of our video.

You can read the full announcement about winners here.

In the coming weeks we are rolling out details for the 4th annual IHTD youth film festival, please stay tuned!

Erin Polley

Program Coordinator

Indiana Peacebuilding + IHTD Youth Film Festival

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